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One time we had missionaries over at our house, and my Mom mentioned the fact that there is a Star Wars religion. One of them got so excited that he clapped his hands together and blurted out:

"I WANT TO JOIN!!!!!!!!!!" 

The other missionary gave him a surprised look, and then, I kid you not, two seconds later it started pouring and hailing outside. 

The other missionary just glared at him and went: “Look at what you’ve done.” 

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Dallas Les Mis - Reviewing the Barricade Boys



So a friend and I went to see the Dallas production of Les Misérables yesterday (I’m sorry! I live here!), and although I want to write about EVERYTHING in the show I’m afraid my review would become pages long. So, I will just write a very detailed review of everything concerning the barricade boys (I love every character, but these guys are always my favorites). SO HERE GOES:


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Snape: Not The Hero We Deserve



Snape has largely been considered a heroic character within the Potter fandom, with apologists going so far as to suggest that he did nothing wrong. However, anyone who reads the books with a critical eye knows that Severus Snape, one of the most well-written and interesting characters of the series, was a complete toolshed. This panel, which will be open to screaming and boos from the audience, is designed to separate impressions of Snape’s value as a literary character from his values as a person within the books.

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i never add things to posts because i think it’s annoying and i prefer to do my rambling in the tags but this was BY FAR the most incredible panel i’ve been to in my FOUR leakycons.

seriously, read this, i think my hands hurt from clapping after this panel.

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