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the-world-is-a-corner asked: How 'bout Enjolras being such a zombie in the morning he tries to walk into the shower fully clothed and Grantaire has to dash to get him out (almost burning his eggs), except E takes it as an invitation to cuddle, wraps his arms around R's shoulders and FALLS ASLEEP STANDING UP.



That is actually me in the morning though

Enjolras will just shuffle out of the bedroom while R is making breakfast and hug him from behind and doze on his shoulder while Grantaire’s cooking, basically moving around the kitchen with a sleepy-Enjolras appendage attached to his back

Takes at least two cups of coffee and a lot of kisses for Enjolras to properly wake up

I can imagine his brain just suddenly turning on while he’s having breakfast, so he just blinks and looks around BEWILDERED and goes “How did I get here?”

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